Arkadiusz Kropidłowski

Head Chef The Winners Pub since 2012. Many years of experience in the best restaurants of Wroclaw, training and international competitions make him a master at what he does.

Perfectionist in every way. Articulate, confident, with a sense of humor, a man for whom nothing is impossible. Staunch supporter of WKS Slask Wroclaw and Real Madrid.


Rafał Żuk

The Winners Pub Manager of 2012. He gained experience in the country and abroad. Creativity, responsibility, consistency in action and passion allow him to build good relations with employees and guests.

Lover of football and basketball, for which the two most important team is FC Barcelona and Chicago Bulls.



Marcin Dams

The head of the bar from 2013. Extensive knowledge gained during training bartending, bartending courses and numerous competitions made "winnersowe" drinks taste so special.

Calm, self-control, patience, and the ability to listen - thanks to these characteristics seats at the bar at The Winners Pub are readily occupied.



Filip Stańczyk

Many years of experience in approved premises Wroclaw and completed a course sommelier, has ensured that it is the right man in the right place.

Enthusiasm for work, commitment, communication, and his sense of humor - it's all meant that The Winners Pub vibrant.




Martyna Szczurek

Waitress, beautiful side of The Winners Pub. A professional at every step, sensual, which earned the sympathy of many visitors.

Brilliance and intuition effectively help her feel the needs of our guests.

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